What is Creative Elements?

Creative Elements offers quality art instruction in a variety of ways-- parent/child classes for preschoolers, summer and after school classes for children, private lessons, classes for adults, Art centered birthday parties, customized art classes in your neighborhood, and more!!!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso


 Introduction to Clay
The kids had so much fun with the clay. It is such an unpredictable process, but they did great with it. I didn't get all the names with the pictures, but here is a sampling of some of the pieces.

"Toucan on the Branch" Ethan Age 10

Ethan- Age 10
"Owl Stare" By Camden, Age 8
"Lava Explosion" By Rylan, Age 5

Leaves are Falling all Around
Watercolor and Oil Pastel Mixed Media


Mark- Age 8

Cooper- Age 7

Abigail- Age 7

Ethan- Age 10

Kadence- Age 6

World Tour
Our projects in World Tour were all inspired by art from different cultures around the world. I have chosen a couple of projects from each student. (If I got the wrong name on any projects, please let me know!)

Greece and Rome
Relief Carving from Sheet rock and Mosaics

Camryn- Age 9
Jake- Age 10
Shay- Age 10
Brynn- Age 11
Ethan- Age 9
Karly- Age 10
Jacob- Age 9
Sand Painting
Camryn- Age 9
Kiera- Age 6
Impressionism/Pointillism Style with Oil Pastel/Tempera   

Jacob- Age 9


Ethan- Age 9
Jake- Age 10
Karly- Age 10
Shay- Age 10
Brynn- Age 11
Kiera- Age 6
Drawing and Design I
Self Portraits and Perspective
Unfortunately my camera batteries gave out, so these pictures are off of my phone. They aren't great quality, but hopefully good enough to see the hard work these kids put into their work. The time flew by and not all the kids were able to finish all their work. I've just chosen to post at least one of each child's work, although they all did a great job on each one.
Michelle Age 8

Sophia- Age 9

Annika- Age 9
Jake- Age 10
Amber- Age 11
Ethan- Age 9
Megan- Age 9
Aspen- Age 9
Michelle- Age 8
Amber- Age 11

Action Art
The Art With A Buddy Class, made up of toddlers and preschoolers,
created "action art" inspired by Jackson Pollock using four different methods.

Splatter Art

String Art

Marble Art

Bubble Art

Happy Accidents
 Sometimes what starts out as an accident. . .
turns into a beautiful surprise.
Ethan-top, Tiernan-bottom






The kids LOVED this activity. It was great to see them let loose and not worry about what they were painting. They experimented with color and color mixing and then at the end, they allowed the colors and shapes to inspire a picture that wasn't planned.  They had so much fun imagining all the different possibilities.

Drawing and Design
Somehow I made it out of class today without Annika's work, but don't worry, I will definitely add it tomorrow!

After carefully observing a small object for a few minutes, students drew their objects including the details they discovered.
 Sophia-Age 9


Blind Contour
Blind Contour is an exercise where you only look at the object you are drawing and not at your paper. It helps to train the mind to actually see the object instead of trusting what you think you know. 

Camden-Age 7

 Sketches of the object from Blind Contour--this time looking at the object and paper.
Jake-Age 9

Michelle-Age 8

Value Circles
Haley-Age 11

 Aspen-Age 9

Ethan-Age 9

Mathew-Age 11

Shading a Sphere
Amber-Age 11

There is a Goise in Boise!

There is a Ganal in the Canal.
Abigail-Age 7

There is a Mool in my School
Tiernan-Age 6

There is a Zutter in the Gutter.
Jared-Age 9

There is a Zooter on my Scooter.
Ethan-Age 9

There is a Fool in my school.
Emma-Age 7

There is a Tolice Pepartment in the Police Department.
Jake-Age 9

There is a Caveod in the Cave.
Camden-Age 7

There is a Fovie in the Movie.
Sam-Age 7