What is Creative Elements?

Creative Elements offers quality art instruction in a variety of ways-- parent/child classes for preschoolers, summer and after school classes for children, private lessons, classes for adults, Art centered birthday parties, customized art classes in your neighborhood, and more!!!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Clay (Hand-Building)
This course is designed to introduce students to the process of hand-building with clay. The students will understand the process of creating with clay using the slab, sculpture, coil, and pinch pot methods. They will also become familiar with the terminology associated with clay. Each student will have the opportunity to make four clay projects, glaze them, and have them fired. The last day of the six session class, the students will receive their finished pieces and also get to watch a demonstration on the potter's wheel.

This course is best suited for second-grade and up, however younger artists may take the class with a parent to help for no extra charge. If a parent would like to sign up with their child and also make the four pieces, they would be subject to the regular registration fees. Teacher may register as well. The information covered in the class would be valuable if you would like to incorporate a clay project into your art curriculum at school.

Potter's Wheel Workshop
This workshop is a two hour crash course on how to use the potter's wheel. Many people say they have always wanted to give the wheel a try, but most are not willing to pay for a full course to see if they like it or not. This is an opportunity to learn the basics for a low price. After you have attended a workshop, you can sign up for studio time.This workshop is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Studio Time
You can come to my state of the art studio -- okay, it's my garage-- and practice on the potter's wheel. You can choose between studio time with help or regular studio time on your own.

Art in the Park
"Art in the Park" is a great opportunity for families to get out in the fresh air and get those creative juices flowing this summer. It will be held in the south park of the Rock Hampton Subdivision. We will be doing activities that will help to teach and reinforce the elements and principles of art. The projects will be of a nature that all children can learn and have fun whatever their age or skill level. If we have enough interest, we may divide into more specific age groups. A parent or guardian must be present at all times to ensure children's safety.

Master's Apprentice
Many of the greatest artists in history started out as an apprentice, learning from the master artist. In "Master's Apprentice" we will learn about some of the great artists, study their work, and then take what we have learned and create our own masterpieces. We will learn how to appreciate and critique art and learn techniques to improve our own artistic skills. This class will be held at Lake Hazel Elementary and is open to all children ages 8-11.

Drawing and Design
"Drawing and Design" is for those who would like to improve their drawing skills and learn how to turn a drawing into a composition. It will cover some of the same material as we did last summer, but will be different enough to be beneficial for those who have already taken it. This course is more advanced than the others and is recommended for kids ages 9-14 who enjoy drawing. The location of this class will be determined soon. It will be in the Southwest Boise Area.